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A brighter view
in endoscopy

What is Britescope

Britescope® is a unique, fully portable video- nasopharyngoscope that will revolutionize endoscopic diagnostic procedures in ENT.


and benefits

The device’s main feature is the patented quick coupling mechanism that separates the handheld display and control unit from the insertion module. The new coupling offers many unique benefits in everyday use and the reprocessing of the endoscope. Moreover, the device features an entirely new, cost-effective service concept.

  • Built-in screen and battery

    The device is battery-operated and fully portable. Featuring a built-in screen and image processing module, it is independent of any vide-endoscopic equipment platform usually found on trolleys or attached to PCs.
  • Hi-end technology made affordable

    The new design concept focuses on delivering good diagnostic results while making video-endoscopy affordable for a larger group of specialists. This is possible thanks to redefining how video endoscopes are built and used
  • Easy cleaning

    The new reprocessing concept allows sterilizing the working elements separately from the handle. The washable handle can be quickly cleaned and disinfected to be used with the next patient. Exchanging working elements increases the number of diagnostic procedures significantly.
  • Quick replacement

    Faulty working elements can be simply exchanged, and the endoscope remains operational without downtime. Patients can be treated without interruptions, while the servicing of the endoscope is quick and significantly less costly.
How it works

Endoscopic tower
that fits in your

Today video endoscopes are delivered with trolleys, monitors, video processors, and accessories, which comprise a so-called endoscopic tower. The equipment is bulky and needs significant expertise to set up and operate.

  • Diagnostic procedure

    We created a device to support an optimized workflow in the ENT endoscopic diagnostic unit. The diagnostic procedure remains unchanged for both the patient and the specialist. However, the bulky and complex endoscopic tower is no longer an obstacle in the daily routine. Moreover, healthcare personnel can easily carry the endoscope to diagnose patients anywhere.
  • How to clean

    Once one diagnostic procedure is finished, the insertion module can be sent for sterilization while the handheld control unit remains in the diagnostic room. It can be quickly disinfected and connected with another sterilized insertion module to begin the subsequent examination within seconds. Eliminating downtime allows for increasing the number of procedures.

Technical data

  • Dimensions Width: 14 cm, Length: 24 cm, Height: 28 cm
  • Battery capacity 10 000 mAh
  • Operating time 5h
  • Battery time in standby mode 28h
  • Wireless communication Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Connection USB C
  • Software integrated
  • Memory: SSD 32 GB